Live By The Words, Die By The Words

Songs, poems, blog posts anything that gives me the opportunity to play with words and create excites me.

I love learning and employing all the devices; metaphors, similes, assonance and I absolutely adore applying alliteration. 

Sometimes the ideas flow and it is a challenge to keep pace and get them written or typed. 

Conversely, on other occasions i know what I want to say but cannot seem to find that first enticing sentence to open the steam of consciousness or the words that I do have seem flat and pedestrian.

Ultimately like any writer or communicator my wish is to be understood but no matter how elegant, eloquent and carefully considered your prose there is the possibility that they will be taken out of context, cause offence or used to attack you. 

As the creator of the work you are faced with two choices. 

Edit or f*** it. 

I have decided to opt for the latter. 

How can I put my name to anything that has been adapted for fear of causing ill feeling?

If I have to listen to others to produce my work I have stopped creating and started to take dictation. 

Anybody feeling offended by my writings has chosen to do so. 

I cannot cause offence. 

An individuals emotional state is solely in their power. 

A knee jerk leap into an altered state is proof positive of no control or understanding of emotions.  

Taking personal emotional responsibility  is empowering but more work than many are prepared to do or perhaps have a realisation that they have this power. 

It is far simpler to cast aspersions and apportion blame to an external entity. 

Your feelings are yours alone and the reigns with which to ride rest squarely in your hands. 

My ambition as a writer is to paint as vivid a picture as I can possibly imagine so that you can then find your own experience and response. 

I want you to feel something.

To view an often described situation from my angle but infused with your experiences, understanding and identity and then create your own reality. 

Most subjects have been covered time again. Many hundreds of thousands of songs exist about love in all its guises yet despite that every year more are written and people continue to connect. 

Why? Different perspectives on an age old subject are then perceived anew. 

As a writer I have built up the courage to convey my contemplations and I am grateful for the blessing of finally finding and truly trusting my individual voice. 

I am also noticing more the effect my contrasting veiws can have. People feel challenged, insulted as well as comforted, entertained and inspired. 

My words, my songs are just my opinions.

Allow them to take you to a nice place.  If your experience is anything other than good, move on. 

Do not stay in a place of outrage because of me. 

I cannot feel it. 


 Love Yourself! 


Thankyou for reading. 

Please share. ;)