Didn't We Used To...?

Have you ever thought what it would be like to walk into a room and see all of your exes in there together?

You stand dumbfounded and watch 'The One That Got Away' frustratingly getting on with 'Whatever Was I Thinking!'

As you wander around the room wondering which corner and who to go to first you realise you are coming face to face with your past personas. 

Each person not only is stark reminder of  who you were at a particular point in life but also a barometer of how far you had moved on. 

Or not? 

It can be embarrassing, humorous or painful contemplating the behaviours we once displayed or tolerated. 

For myself recently making a decision to halt the opportunity for somebody to hurt me further has brought to the surface a myriad of emotions and has had a ripple effect that I was not expecting but can accept that has had to happen. 

Everything is connected so of course change in one area has repercussions. 

That one decision has caused an assessment of everything and to my own surprise other seemingly unrelated situations have had to be released. 

People treat as they find and you cannot claim to be offering fine cuisine and have chicken and chips in a box on the menu. 

The reason this one individual got away with what they did was because something about me gave them permission. I mistakenly thought playing peaceful would tire them as they thrived on drama but they saw it as open season and in my head I kept promising 'One day...'

The day finally came. I realised my tactics were too subtle for someone blind to finesse.

I set fire to the bridge and walked away. 

What I has just done was recalibrate my self worth. 

I had not realised that I could have held myself in higher esteem. 

This new version saw that other things had to go to limit the possibility of a repeat situation occurring. 

Being treated poorly is never nice but understanding that the cause is not the other person but yourself is upsetting.  

However, ultimately it is empowering. 


Love Yourself! 


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