Move Any Mountain

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful events in a persons life. I have moved around quite a few times and and each occasion prior to leaving the old address will discard any items that I feel will hold no value in the new. 

As organised as I am, there always seems to be a box or two of objects that on first inspection seem unnecessary, and then become impossible to leave because of some sentiment or idea that their use will reveal itself to me in the future. 

You can never know how much things you own until you are staring at a pile of boxes or are involved in the work chain, carrying them up and down stairs and loading and unloading vans.

Possessions, when laid out in front of you are a start indication of the kind of person you were, are and especially if you find too many bags of still tagged clothing, hope to be. 

If you have been following this blog for a while it will be obvious that the environs have changed. 

The time had come for the new and I needed to up-sticks. I also needed certain - essential  -functionalities. 

Also this time around I decided to take the project on myself.

Parts of this undertaking were laborious to the point of tears. Over 130 CMW Blog posts needed to be cut and pasted into the new site and the corresponding picture tracked down from various folders and digital hiding places. 

But what I learned most in the process was just how much content I had produced.

Seeing everything now clearly in its new and rightful place was like finally finding the perfect spot for that glassware you collected years ago. 

I was able to step back and see how much I had done and that now can be clearer to others. This really represents me and because I placed all the pieces together is a true representation of where I am at the moment. As for where I have been the journey I took last year is all too clear too. I want to move on from that. 

There are so many decisions to make when building a website and I pushed through potential paralysis by over analysis by just getting it up and out.

What is great too is that we can interact more. 

Comment below. I would love to know who you are and where you are from.

Visit often. Have a good look around and do not be too surprised if things shift about for a while.

Remember I have just moved in!


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading.

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