The Perfect Year


In 1992 Queen Elizabeth gave a speech in which she referred to the previous months as her 'Annus Horribilis'. The year had been a tough one for her family and because of her position the details were very public knowledge.  

Her reference subverted the title of a poem by British poet John Dryden. 'Annus Mirabilis' a year of miracles.  

There are very few people I am aware of who would not say that 2016 has been one of the most challenging they have experienced to date and we are all eagerly anticipating a fresh start in 2017.  

But we still have just under three weeks to go and before we wave goodbye forever we can just really take stock and understand what this year will represent to us in the future. 

You can probably recall a tumultuous relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, that was a huge release to you emotionally when it ended and the effect it had on your future. It forced you to grow, to demonstrate strength that you were probably unaware of and equipped you with qualities that can only be hard won. 

We have all been so conditioned to chase being happy all the time that any experience counter to that is deemed unsuitable.

But who could be possibly become without the contrast?
How can we fully appreciate what is good without its alternative? 

To take a more esoteric attitude, this is why we were born. This peak and valley experience is Life and we chose it. This can be difficult to accept when it feels like everything is falling apart. 

In Numerology, 2016 is a 9 year (this figure is reached by adding all the single digits together). 9 is the ending of a cycle and signifies completion. If you think about any ending, often it is the time when all loose ends are tied up and it can often feel frantic and overwhelming. Those words perfectly encapsulate 2016 for so many. 

Although you may be eager for the days to speed on forward to the New Year there is much to appreciate in the last moments of this demanding one.
It was tough. We made it. It was worth it. 

Love Yourself!

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