Manic Moments

Truth time. 

As much as I believe in the overall idea of what I am doing there are still moments when I am as confused as can possibly be and start to tear down all that I have achieved by questioning everything. 

This usually happens when I am overtired. 

Suddenly every possible obstacle and reason why my big ideas are ridiculous is apparent. 

I start to think like a naysayer. 

All the shrugs, sneers and smears present themselves boldly and loudly. 

Luckily there comes a moment when I recognise that my weary mind needs rest and space before I start to accept the bulksh!t and tear down all I have achieved so far, which when I take a good look at it and consider the conditions under which it came to fruition is a lot. 

My self confidence grows again and I can plough on. 

During times like this the environment and company you choose is critical. There is a little chink in the armour and that needs to be sealed as soon as possible. 

I have various methods for getting back on track. 

A long walk. Without music. Just stepping out for a couple of hours, getting moving and into nature if possible helps to shake off the mood. 

It is my moving meditation. I can think, write, practice and feel my body working. 

Music naturally plays a big part. There are my favourite inspiring songs that lift my spirit either because of their lyrical content or the genius of the piece it self.

Food is always a winner. A healthy meal with ideally good quality fruit and vegetables followed by a decent herbal tea and some dark, dark chocolate. 

Comedy. Laughter always works with me.  I do not think I am that hard to amuse although others may disagree but I appreciate and respect good writing. For that reason I do not think that there has been a better comedy series than Frasier. There are others that come close though. I like my comedy dry and droll. Any new suggestions are welcome. 

Inspirational materials. When the brain is tired and I am misinterpreting the world getting my perspective realigned is probably the quickest way I know to get over it all. 

Conversation. With a like minded soul on a similar journey. Now is not the time to open up to somebody who cannot envision your vision or who have non of their own. 

It happens to us all. You can only know your strength by comparison to your weakness and when you recognise and allow the scope of your emotions to exist for what they are living gets a little easier. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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