Deep Seeing Writing

My songwriting has changed. 

I do not believe that I ever skirted around any issues before when it came to writing but recently I have felt my 'voice' has become stronger, truer and unafraid of what people may say. 

I am not necessarily tackling any taboo subjects but there are certain areas that people are very sensitive about addressing. 

Personally I have noticed that I am getting more candid than ever before. Particularly in areas where others may choose to be more covert. 

For me there can be no other way. 

Telling like it really is, ridding myself of any pretence or posturing is an easier way to be. 

If I can just get to the truth of the matter and write, sing and play from that place surely there will be better work than I have ever produced before? 

That is what I think and that is what I am noticing.   

The last few songs I have written have come quickly.

This batch has arrived lyrics first, without too much of an idea about melody. It has been almost as if I have received a download of information. 

The gifts of these songs has been almost effortless and I have never really struggled to write anyway, just lived though varying levels of activity and laziness. 

Each song has come to me when I was not consciously intending to write a song at all. The most recent when I was just lying down and thinking about a book I had read and how the information in it had struck me so deeply.

The authors story, which was a retelling of factual events, answered questions I had been asking for my entire life! 

It was such a momentous event taking place on a train journey! I had to stop reading just to absorb what was happening and hours later was still so struck by the enormity of it I had to lie down and meditate on it. 

The song came as a result. 

I have always been one for contemplation, my music reflects this but I think this is the most vulnerable place I have created from. 

Here is a truth I have not ever expressed that I am committing to song and yet I am strangely unafraid. 

As the music takes shape I know that this is a powerful piece. My only real concern is that the end result conveys the true message of the song. 

There needs to be power and yet a haunting frailty in the music. It is about self discovery that although comforts in its affirmation appears to separate because if its singularity. 

This may sound confusingly complicated but I have it all under control. This will be one of the first new songs I record. 

If there is one thing I have learned this week it is that there is always an answer to what ever you have been asking and it will always find you.  

Even if it takes years. When the time is perfect for you to receive it will come into your life     


Love Yourself!


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