Squeezed Out


Success and growth have costs. There is the price you pay in the effort, money and time required to expand. There are also the losses you will encounter along the way.  

As we dream of a brighter future and our improved selves the picture will often include people, places and parts of our present experience. The truth is there is not always space for what you know to follow you to where you desire to go. The altitude is different. 

The necessity for change will reveal itself.  Sometimes subtly and sometimes suddenly. Either way, you will know the time has come. It can be hard to say goodbye even when it is apparent that where you are no longer serves you yet there is no clear indication of how you can fill the inevitable vacuum. However the longer you remain the more painful it will become to do so and events will arise and create your exit.

Your path just that.
Not everything and everyone can follow you forward. 

The discomfort you feel is a sign you are moving in the right direction.  
Want to expand?
Leap or be pushed.  

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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