Make & Do

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So many of us have bought into the belief that the resources of the world are diminishing and if we examine how we conduct our lives it is clear to see why it would be so easy to be convinced of this.

We are consuming- purchasing, watching, eating and drinking. Very few of us are consciously adding new thoughts and creations to society. So because we assume most people behave the way we do it is hard to conceive that there will not be a time when resources run out. 

Maybe you do not think of yourself as a creative person and therefore assume that only they can continue to produce. The so called creatives are the ones who decide to peruse their inspirations against the tide of a society that does not recognise the necessity for expressing creativity and has treated them so lowly.

The truth is we are all creators. We get to chose how we allow our artistry to flourish. The flashes of ideas are given to you to grab onto and immerse yourself in the delivery of it. You will feel a sense of purpose, recognise abundance and experience expansion.

Put some part of you into the world.

Love Yourself!

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