You Turn


Often when we are following our aspirations the visions we hold are based on what we think our lives will be once we reach those goals. Success, satisfaction and validation motivate us to keep pressing forward through adversity, the misunderstandings of others and our own self doubt.  

Our dreams do have purpose. They set us on a path of discovery. Discovery of the world and ourselves. People, places and ideas we would never have encountered otherwise are placed in front of us and we develop from the naive dreamer into the life explorer and never credit ourselves for our own courage and strength.

After years of pursuing them, the attainment of our goals to the level that meets our satisfaction may seem elusive and even though we know we should not, the temptation to compare ourselves occasionally to those who have the visible baubles overcomes us. At these times we are more susceptible to those with smaller ambitions or no ambitions at all who are very quick to point out what you still have not done. 

And then the unthinkable happens. The dream changes. The path you so vehemently stuck to for so long seems fruitless. But this is not giving up, it is altering course. 

It would be easy to believe that all the effort up to this moment was in vain but there are no errors. All you did before led you to this vantage point and now you can see a better, bigger plan.  

Your experiences have prepared you for what you could never have imagined when you started.  

Walk away from your dream step up to the vision.  

Love Yourself!  

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