Come Out!


Where in your life are you hiding? Are you working in a job that never challenges you to expand? Do you constantly suppress your opinions and allow others to take the lead when you know you know better?  
Being visible and heard is never the easiest path to take but it is the only way to go to experience a fulfilling life.

Too many people are victims of their fear of being judged and use all their force to contain unexpressed emotions and frustrations.
Energy cannot and will not remain latent. It has to flow and create something. Trapped within the body this results in tension that manifests as diseases, anger or depression. 

The world needs variety and yearns to see each individual flourish in their own way. That is why each one was created.
There are no mistakes.  

All the movers and shakers are celebrated and elevated for their willingness to walk the path that their inspiration shows them. Each faces their own version derision and criticism and carries on regardless.

The ultimate freedom is to be yourself. 

Love Yourself! 

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