Loyalty In Misbelief



The greatest reason for the failure to attain goals.  It is the trip wire for so many of us striving to move forward and higher in life. 

We are steered and controlled by so many forces and most of them unseen. 

Success is a challenge as it is not as simple as getting what we want there is also undoing and shedding of what we are not and who is not fit to travel with us. 

In my dreams success included everybody in my life at the time with me. All of us elevated, celebrating and in better clothes.

What I came to realise is that in moving forward in life many will terminate the journey prematurely. Either contentment or fatigue will shorten their quest and you will enevitably walk alone. 

Many who leave will surprise you because their talk seems so big and yet their vision is so small. 

While it is admirable to respect others beliefs I must offer a word of caution learned from my own experience. 

Be aware of embodying the ideology of others for reasons of solidarity. Much of this is done subconsciously and therefore can and will hamper your progress. 

So much inner work is required to reach higher but the hardest part I have found is feeling disloyal after realising that the misaligned values I embodied were not mine and had to go. 

I was trying to remain true by being who I was not. Looking into the details of those ideas I saw how it would be impossible to created what I wanted thinking in such a way and once I understood the what the outcome of that would be felt a sadness for the person who felt it because for re first time the limits they had placed on their life was so clear to me, almost as visible as a picket fence. 

In cases, there have been many, like this I have had to learn to keep my findings to myself and move on because the only way to bring others forward is to stand ahead. There had also been the need to question myself. Who was I being at that particular time to think that just that was enough? 

Do I have the courage to expand into the vision of me who I wish to be? 

I now know to constantly look at my environment to gauge where I am with life. This is everything from my skin to the people and places that I constantly see. 

If any of those are unsatisfactory I need to look with. 


Love Yourself!


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