Give Christmas Presence

It is nearly time of year again and everything and everybody seems to be rushing around to get all the last minute  'necessities' convinced that Christmas will be ruined without them. 

Each time around the same discussion about over commercialisation is raised and yet the majority will still be drawn into the frenzy of spending a little more and some overextending themselves in an attempt to create the 'perfect' day.

There are still core elements of Christmas that are meaningful and allow us to connect, albeit briefly, to the beautiful aspects of life. 

Touching base with the people who mean the most to us, friends family and work associates. All of them play roles and teach us in our life regardless of whether our relationships are harmonious or not. 

As much as we give to presents others this Christmas we should also give presence to ourselves. 

Celebrate what we have achieved and validate all our emotions. 

When we are full then there is more for us to give to others. 


Wishing you Peace, Joy and Happiness. 


Love Yourself!


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