Blast From The Past

To improve as a songwriter and also for the sheer love of it, I am constantly writing new material. 

A lot of those songs from years gone by will never get recorded or even performed live.

Some will just exist as transition songs, carrying me from one idea to the more evolved and elegant expression. Variations on a theme. 

As a result they disappear into the vaults and as I move forward striving perfect my craft. 

But every once and a while I will get replay in my mind. The old tune will become present and somehow more relevant now than it was when it was written years before. 

The lyrics will make more sense and somehow fit into the themes and experiences that are currently inspiring me. 

This very thing occurred this week.  There is a new, soon to be revealed, new project that needs music, a signature tune. 

While I was out walking and contemplating what style instrumentation etc would work for it, this CMW golden oldie started to play in my mind. I had not recorded it at all but used to play it, a lot but somehow I had forgotten even the key signature of the song and because I have recently moved house the chord chart was most likely going to be buried deep in a box, underneath a box at the back of all the boxes. 

I persevered and sat at the keyboard and just started at the keys with the song playing over in my head, then humming and eventually the memory of the actual notes returned.

Now I remember why I loved to just play this one. 

It needs a little spit and polish and bringing up to date but it could work. 

As for that new thing I'm talking about. 

It is less than a couple of weeks away. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)