Lost In Space?


There are times in our lives when the changes need to be made but there is no other manoeuvre you can make than moving from what is not working.
It becomes a trust and waiting game. 

Taking a leap of faith can look foolish from an external perspective. Stepping out into unknown territory has no guarantees. Yet, distancing yourself from what no longer works places you in a magical space. This is the arena of possibilities and showing the willingness to enter it is evidence of courage, which is always rewarded. 

Now, because all that fills your mind are What Ifs? choice after choice will present itself to you. You can never see this if you stay where you should leave. All that you will notice are more aspects that displease you.  

Each of us has something to turn away from that we cling to because there is no obvious replacement. Allow yourself space and release.
Let go and magic flows. 

Love Yourself! 

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