Are You OK?


Why is it so hard for us to admit when we are asked if we are alright, that we are not? 

Do we distrust the question or have no faith in how we would answer?
If we rely solely on what is relayed to us via corporate media channels and social media there is little wonder why we can individually feel unsettled. The larger picture broadcasts death, destruction, debt and disease while our social media feeds lead us to believe that everyone else is living a more successful life. 

How can we then feel confident about admitting that all is not well? 

When we become trapped in believing that there is no escaping a difficult situation and nobody can help us, our powerful minds will solidify that truth. There will feel like there are no ways out and we are on our own.
If anybody should ask us how we are doing we will not recognise the opportunity to open up and accept assistance. 

Doing it alone is not always possible. Asking for help is a sign of self-love and strength, despite what others think or say. 

Showing vulnerability and the reality of what life is for you could inspire others who are quietly suffering to speak out and seek help too.  Imagine what change would be created if we felt supported enough to express what we spend so much energy suppressing and the ripple effect generated as we actively seek out people to guide and assist.  

The truth about our darkness creates light.  

Love Yourself!

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