The Law Of Traction

Believe me, I know what it's like.  

You have a dream and you want to live it now. 

Yesterday, actually. 

An instant switch from where you are to where you desire to be.  

But that is not the way it works and there is one big reason why you are not there. 

You are not ready.  

How frustrating. Especially when you think you deserve this, that you are stupendous and the world has been unaware of the lack it has been experiencing because of your undiscovered brilliance.  

But you are still not ready otherwise your situation would be different. 

Ideas, aspirations, passions all take time to come to fruition. They are like seeds that have to be planted and go through the gestation period before they even being to tentatively emerge into the light of day. 

Once you attach that analogy to your purpose everything you do makes sense and any delays, setbacks, disappointments become an expected and leverage-able addition to the journey. 

We live in an instant, viral phenomena world where success looks like an immediate acquisition and static finite destination. 

This idea in particular is highly perpetuated in music by the reality/talent shows. Hopefuls queue for hours to be then told whether they are deserving of stardom. 

That previous sentence tells it all. 

If you think all you need to do is stand in line and be granted a chance based on somebody's snapshot opinion of you, you are doomed before you start and displaying a lack of belief in your own ability to at the very least begin working for your dreams. 

But this formula works for those singers who have yet to discover their own voice and artistry and are content to be moulded. 

True 'overnight success' takes years.

You must try, try, try and try again. Then you have to keep trying, keep trying and keep trying. After that you need to try some more, try some more and try some more... 

At the start you are throwing your ideas out to the wind not knowing if anybody is really noticing your work and for quite some time nobody will.

Everything will happen as and when it should.

The caterpillar needs to fight out if its cocoon at a particular pace to the gain muscle it needs to become a butterfly. Any sooner and exposure will be too much too soon for its undeveloped body. The skills of one who crawls are no match for the one who flies. 

Within the struggles, strength is gained. At every failure an option is eliminated. You become galvanised, streamlined, focused. 

By moving constantly and incrementally forward you will notice that the scenery around you begins to change and the right people and opportunities position themselves in your life.

Success is an everyday celebration of your own tenacity and self development. As another obstacle is overcome your self belief is fortified and gratitude for the lessons learned compounds.

One by one heads turn and some people start to notice and comment. 

I am receiving more feedback on what I am doing. Slowly the word is spreading. 

There is a subtle shift, a little more momentum.

To those who have found me early on this road, I would like to say hello and thank you for being here. 


Love Yourself!


Thank you for reading.

Please share. :)