Absolutely Positive?

Within every group of people there is always 'that' person.
The one who can be relied upon to see the best in any situation, always smiling despite their circumstances. The one who can be counted upon to bring positivity into even the seemingly darkest days. 
We all need someone like this in our lives.
Maybe that person is you?

What needs to be considered is whether that positive person is receiving the support they need. Often people experience so much pain and sadness in their lives that they cannot bear thought of anybody feeling that way too. So despite their own hurts they bring light wherever they can and they do this so well that it seems inconceivable that there are any shadows haunting them. Asking for help is difficult for them and their community will feel shaken when they see that their cornerstone is human too.

But can you know you are true happiness if you are never sad?
Would you appreciate extreme joy without having felt deep sadness? 

There is so much emphasis on always being positive and right thinking but we have to acknowledge the opposite.
That does not mean we need to dwell in it. 
What goes up, must come down even if only for a moment. 

While is may be uncomfortable to hear your positive friend talk about their fears and pains it is beneficial for both parties to reverse the roles from time to time. Allow them to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Let them vent and cry as much as they need. If they have been holding it together for a long time the extent of their hurts may astound you and will be just as uncomfortable for them.
They do not want to feel like a burden. 

From this though each of you can see each other anew. Appreciate and respect the strength of character your positive friend has for always seeing the bright side of life and discover the strength in yourself that you may not have recognised before. 


Love Yourself!


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