Authenticity & Ethnicity

Who decides that a particular piece of music is the sole property of a section of society and should therefore only be performed and appreciated by them? 

Can only musicians of Asian descent perform Bhangra? Do Caribbean's have the monopoly on Reggae music?  

As with most things music is heavily sectioned and players pigeon holed. 

It is more often assumed that a young black female singer will be producing R  & B songs. Should she decide to veer into country music her decision could be met with surprise and possibly some resistance. 

Every year as the music awards nominees are announced the same old 'arguments' roll out. This is particularly true of merits given in the name if any genre previously assumed only to be rights of one section of society. For example the MOBO Awards. 

The name of the awards themselves highlight the intention of the event. Music of Black Origin. 

That in itself leaves the gates wide open to encompass all types of music. 

Although common history will have us believe otherwise I believe that the Black community has been present in all areas of the world and society for centuries and therefore for that reason all music is Music of Black Origin as much as it can be called music of the origin of any name you choose to section it with. 

Granted there are sounds, instruments and idioms synonymous with particular geographic areas but the transient nature if the human means that one style will travel and then become blended with another and bring forth a new genre. 

When it comes down to it who cares? Why does it matter? Is it not more important to label music as Good? 

Now that technology is uniting the most remote crevices of the world with each other think of the possibilities of new genres and collaborations that can be created. 

Will it really matter then what the origin if music is other than it come from the soul? 


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