Know Who You Are

Confident people know who they are.

Mother. Daughter. Sister. Wife etc...

There are so many roles that females embody in a day that there is rarely anytime to just sit, reflect and be. 

When we are young we are always asked what we want to be when we grow up so is easy to see why we assume our roles are our identity.

However, circumstances change. Jobs are lost relationships breakdown. If your status is attached to a position that disappears you will enter an emotional void. Think about how people have a hard time after losing their jobs. It is rarely just down to the money. 

If you are no longer that then what are you? 
Who are you?  

The journey to finding out is a life long self-examination but starting to get to know and appreciate who you are brings certainty and calm. Possibly for the first time or the first time in your life you realise nothing and nobody can rob you of who you are. 
This is liberating and empowering. 
This  is confidence. 

Exercise. Answer these questions: 

  1. What you desire the most in the world?
  2. What is your greatest dislike?
  3. What is your biggest belief? 

Consider your answers. When did you decide on this? Why did you decide this? Are these really your opinions?
You may be surprised to find that one or more of the answers does not truly represent you at all. 

If this is the case, find the true answer. What do YOU think? 

In our rush to play our roles and please others we often forget the fundamental needs of our own.
Even choosing to form our own opinions. 

Knowing who you are and being able to serve that is a powerful realisation. Once you have that stake in the ground you have begun to build your confidence.  

I am eager to find out what this exercise bright up for you. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  

Love Yourself!