Know What You Want

Confident people know what they want.

Outside of shiny things, designer clothes and world peace, are you clear on what you want in your life?
Do you have goals? A destination?  

Without this clarity, your mind is open to suggestion and focus and will just latch on to the next shiny thing and the next shiny thing. Weeks, months and years will pass almost unnoticed only punctuated by birthdays and public holidays.  
This drifting aimlessly robs you of any power. You cannot feel confident if you feel powerless. 

If you choose not to take your own life by the reigns you will be used to drive the motor of somebody else's. You will ricochet from event to event and observe all around you progress as you sink further back into the abyss of uncertainty.  

Decide and begin.
Even if you need to alter your plans along the way, becoming focused eliminates the distraction of unlimited possibilities and confidence grows because you know where your life is going. 

Exercise.  Answer these questions. 

  1. What is your big dream in life? 
  2. What is your passion?  
  3. Where would you like to live? What would your home look like? 
  4. What kind of partner do you desire?  
  5. How do you like your coffee/tea? 

Look at your answers and see what you can do today to make bring certainty into your life. Also be honest, is there anything you need to be let go of to bring this closer? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  

Love Yourself!