Timeless Ties


It is something we are all guilty of despite our best intentions. We truly mean to stay in contact with friends who move away from us but we get distracted by life.  

Weeks become months become years become a decade.  

Periodically you feel a pang and you wonder how they are doing. You may even promise yourself to make a call later and again become distracted and forget to do what you intended. 

Luckily time apart from real friends means nothing. Everybody falls into their roles again. There is no real sense of time passed apart from babies who are now teenagers and a few more grey hairs.  

Time has always been fascinating to me. Like most people I believed it to be a fixed mode of measurement and yet my experience of it is always relative to the enjoyment of the task in hand. 

When I am writing, playing the piano, doing yoga or reading, the time flyes past. If I am labouring through an activity that does not excite me those moments drag on forever. 

This week I truly learned that whether we see  friends as frequently as we would wish to, our choices for how we live our lives may require us to live apart but these factors do not matter because love can survive many moments passed.  


Love Yourself! 


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