Heart Of Hearing

The practice of positive thinking and speaking appears more practiced these days. So much so that there will usually be somebody who will call you out on anything that is deemed negative. The intention is a good thing but having self elected 'energy police' will only create a new issue of judgement which is definitely not positive. Ideally we should be vigilant about ourselves. 

Last week I decided to conduct an experiment and monitor not just my verbal responses but also my thoughts for a couple of days. I wanted to fully identify what underlying beliefs were running my life. 

This meant that although I was in an environment where I would usually speak first and lead I allowed the circumstances to be what they were and then respond in the most heart centred and positive way I knew. 

At times it was tricky because people do say stupid things and the majority say the same things almost verbatim truly believing they are being original. 

By using my heart to listen I saw a common thread. Most of us are in defence mode. Projecting an image of who we think we need to be to survive the world and at the same time sending out verbal SOS hoping the core of of our truth is heard.  

But it rarely is, our disappointment is masked l with attack, the defences go higher and the truth more submerged.  

 I love a quick quip and have a sense of humour that is more often misunderstood. There are very few people who I can really 'go there' with. But even knowing this I can often be overcome in the moment and cause offence. It is always a surprise who feels hurt by what I say because they usually are the most direct and confrontational so they would appear to be equipped to handle as good as they give.  

By listening and biting my tongue I was able to observe where I was being unfeeling and my snap judgements. I also took time to trace back where some of the ideas I held onto stemmed from. 

While I have by no means reached any conclusions I have formed a new way of addressing exchanges that previously quickly exasperated me.

It is to simply smile and say either 'Ok' or 'No thank you'. This may leave the other person confused for a moment because your response makes no sense but it does on an energetic level because you are saying 'Ok. I see what is being brought up' and 'No thank you. Not this time.'


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

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