Imagination Is Real

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Do you believe that things are the way they are because they just are or that they can be what you want them to be because you choose them to be?

Want to read that again?

How much power do you think you have over your life?

Do you believe you shape your destiny or are you doomed to a preordained fate? 

Do you realise that whatever you choose to think is right will be right?

This truth is possibly the biggest initial sticking point to comprehend when it comes to Law Of Attraction/Cosmic Ordering/Manifesting or whatever the buzz phrase is right now.

People will point to 'reality' as a reason why their beliefs are so cemented and not grasp that should their beliefs shift everything else will too. How can we alter our mindsets when we have been so skilfully trained to see the world as external and out of our control.

From early in life imagining is treated with such disregard.  Delving into the land of make-believe is a pastime only for the young and indulging in such activity in later life is a seen as a waste of time. 

But our world, with all the continuing advances, would not exist without those who understand the function of imagination.

This not just the remit of 'creatives'. We are all creative and constantly creating.

Planning what to wear, cook for dinner,  dreaming about lying in bed or a going on holiday are uses of that very function. It is a vision of possibility that if we then act upon with faith will become real and the more faith we have the more assistance we will receive to bring it life.
To make it literally matter.

If it floats across your mind it exists!

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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