All The Feels


The artistry of conscious creation requires more than saying and seeing what we desire in our mind. The senses need to be engaged. If we know what we want to attract we need to be as specific as possible about it. 

What appears in our lives is a direct reflection of our feeling/vibrational state. So need to ask ourselves what having what we want will feel like.

The true machinations of our physical bodies have been kept a mystery from us and as result life for so many is toil and effort. Yet there are some people who seem to sail breezily through life, whatever they want comes to them with ease.  
These 'lucky' ones believe and feel they are blessed and life gives them that. Whether they are aware or not they are creating a 'lucky' reality for themselves.  

The good news is that this experience is available to us all.  

Bring the sensations of your desires into the present and watch miracles unfold.  

Love Yourself!

Thanks for reading. 
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