Resolute Resolutions


Here we are again at the beginning of another with ideas of how we want it be.  

More often than not, desires are flighty words are uttered without real thought or backed up with powerful intention. As a result those ideas fade away and the year rolls on much the same as the ones gone before with no real changes being made and a sense of helplessness growing. It feels like progress and success are not achievable.

Yet there are people who manage year upon year to transform their lives.
Those who are lauded as the achievers and boundary breakers among us.  

What makes them so different?  

Unless our resolutions have a real purpose there is no reason for us to follow through on them. While it would be nice to finally get our fitness up to the level we say we desire, skipping yet another fitness session will not seem too detrimental.
We need to make the words we utter over our own lives non-negotiable. 

Promises need Purpose and Persistence.  

Love Yourself! 

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