I'm New

There is a song I currently have on heavy rotation by Stevie Wonder and called I'm New.

Listen here.

This is an album track so unless you are a fan it is fairly unlikely that you would have heard it. 

My appreciation for this track is multifold.

The music, lyrics and sentiment are exactly what I need in my life right now as I am working towards achieving newness for myself. 

Although the song focuses on the meeting of a significant other to instigate the rebirth I translate it as an introduction of myself to myself and in doing so the song becomes an empowering mantra. 

Everybody has a story.

Tales of events good but more often bad that are retold and thus relived that then define and justify our behaviours in the eyes of new acquaintances and ourselves. More time than not we tell the stories for pity.

I am and have been guilty of this myself. My valid tale of woe was often retold and recieved the same response but when I witnessed it done to me a couple of time by people who initially presented themselves as mature I knew if I did not change that would be me. 

Simple theories are the hardest to implement but now that I had an awareness I could not go back to my old ways. 

By dropping 'that story' and in effect rewriting my past I can present who I am right now and who I am becoming. 

My goal is to be seen as the architect of my life not the survivor. 

I have a deep urge to travel. To see the new, engage with the new and for the new to meet me new. 

For that to happen there is no need for the excess baggage of 'that story'. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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