Buyers Rights

This week I have had to enter into an  unnecessary online exchange with a supplier. 

The reason for this is what I was lead to believe I would recieve and the actual item were not the same. 

My choice in making the purchase was not half hearted or speculative. I had done plenty of research and comparisons and made the decision on what I believed were facts. The receipt of the item was one day later than promised but no matter, these things do happen. 

However, my excitement on its arrival was swiftly replaced with disapoinment at the quality and the realisation that what should have been a convenient situation was now going to require more time to rectify and find a suitable replacement. 

So I contacted the seller. Then it became tiresome. 

At the heart of it is a bruised creatives ego. The item was handmade but that is not an excuse for shoddy workmanship. Some of the most expensive, desirable and intricate items in the world are fashioned by hand.  

I was also treated to a history of the company, who they had worked for yadda, yadda...

This situation got me thinking about my role as a creative. In this digital age there is no way of getting a refund on any music purchased that is not up to standard. 

What would and should my 'customers' expect from me? When would they be within their rights to complain?

At a live performance that is easy enough to deal with but if someone bought my music and felt dissatisfied how could I compensate them?

I can and will maintain and uphold a standard of quality and constant improvement in myself and my output. 

That sounds like a personal mission statement. 

And why not?


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)