Personality Dissonance

All musicians whether formally trained or self taught understand the significance of harmony in music. 

All of us understand and strive for harmony in our lives. 

With it life is sweet, melodic and allowing for the contrast of moments of tension resolve back to the sweet music of life. 

Imagine that we are all notes and we find accord - or a chord - with some and  with others it just cannot happen. 


There are some people that the instant you meet everything is good and great and pretty much remains that way. 

Then there are the opposite personalities that no matter which way you play it do not get you and as time continues the lack of understanding between you increases. 

Any effort made to find a common ground seems futile. 

The situation has you asking the wildest questions. 

Are these people human? 

Is this a set up, a test?

Am I really that bad? 

The answer to the final question has to be yes at some level because if you were not bad (to them) the relationship between you would be good. 

People like this test you to the nth degree. The challenge is to find and retain your centre. 

And breathe. 

The only way to 'win' in this situation is to spend as little time as possible in the vicinity of this person and in the times when you are around them remind yourself that you are good and there are plenty of souls on the Earth who will attest to that. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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