If Living Is Without You

As I continue to make radical change in my life I am astounded at what is starting to fall away. 

There are habits, situations, beliefs and even people who I believed were pivotal to my existence who have become less prominent and old faces and brand new scenarios coming to the fore. 

It is like I shut my eyes for a second and when I opened them the 360 degree vista had changed. 

I am not in Kansas anymore. 

The most recent of these changes has been my diet. For a couple of years I have been interested in the idea of following the Raw Vegan approach to eating. 

The transition has been very gradual. Initially starting with eating less and then eventually no meat and then eliminating fish until the only animal product that remained were dairy products. 

My struggle was with cheese. I loved it even though as a singer it was one if the worst foods for me because it formed a mucus on the back of my throat that affected my voice. 

Giving up smoking was easy but cheese... 

What I understand now is that my focus was wrong. 

I was too concerned with being 'not allowed' to eat certain things. The deprivation became the overriding issue and therefore all that I could see and we all know that where attention goes the energy flows. 

It has now been two months of following the Raw Vegan lifestyle and all those foodstuff that used to dominate my mind and tempt me no longer have any appeal. 

I know that by doing what I am doing for myself now can only yield great benefits and those are the things that drive me. 

I allow myself to dream about the new foods I will discover, the increased energy I will attain, the fabulous clothes I will treat myself to and the example I will be to myself and others who may need guidance. 

All this is more exciting than the fleeting excitement of a slice of cheese. 

My mind is clearer and I am writing some nice new lyrics too. 

I need less, it's effortless, I'm weightless... 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)