Don't Call Us...

As is well documented, widely know and believed, the life of any creative is a tumultuous one.

Getting started, learning your craft, finding your style and pushing forward whilst traversing, self development, opposition from peers and financial challenges is a test enough which is why many decide that it is not for them and choose another path.  

Why put yourself though it?

For those if us stubborn enough to continue the challenges never subside. Once you have something that you are proud of and you feel represents you the next hurdle is finding an audience receptive to your work. 

The online space is great to organically cultivate and communicate with an audience but the pace can sometimes feel too slow. 

Right now I am researching and reaching out to  people who I feel would be receptive to me and the project.

Some I have a tenuous link to others I are completely cold contacts.  

To an extent it is a numbers game. The more people I approach the more will ignore me but the possibility for someone to respond and take notice increases to. 

Now is the time to hold nerve. To know that what I have is not diminished because of the opinions of anybody, including myself because on a bad day it is easy to start wondering if I have done enough, if what I have is ok. 

Everybody faces rejection. We all get ignored. 

Some of us, however are prepared to work until the idea that anybody could ever overlook us seems preposterous. 

Yes, I'm back! 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)