Happy Endings?

Recently a Facebook acquaintance posted a lengthy status that truly shocked me.
I, like many others had been watching the updates of their life develop from one exciting event to another. It was all about growth, expansion and dreams coming true. We were all inspired and truly happy for him. 
And then it was over.
I cannot imagine how he must be feeling because even as an observer I am shaken by the unexpected turn of events. 

But what if you have a situation in your life that you know is coming to an end.
Is there a way of preparing for that?  

Is it possible to imagine what it will be like living with the absence of what you are used to?  
Can your emotions ever be prepared for a loss?
Maybe knowledge will soften the blow a little but in that moment, which still cannot be predicted, the truth is still the same.  

All that I believe I can do in the present is to be practical and prepare the practical things. 

I can speak to people who have experienced similar and learn from them, but it is probably foolish to think that I can know how I will react in such a situation. 

Loss of any kind is also an opportunity for gratitude and assessment. A chance to truly appreciate what has been given to us.  

Sometimes we cannot know what we have until it is gone. 
Maybe that is the lesson in loss?

Love Yourself!  


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