Can Anybody Hear Me?

Recently I have become more aware of a phenomenon occurring in my life and I am keen to find out if anybody else is experiencing the same. I have decided to label them as 'loud thoughts' although there may be another term for this. I usually will be thinking about a person and something connected to our relationship and I will receive a message, email or news about them, almost instantly. 

As an avid student of all things quantum, I understand that there is more to this than mere coincidence and that coincidence itself is a poor way of disregarding the intricate mechanics of Life.  

This has happened so much recently that I am almost convinced that my thoughts are audible.  
Or maybe my psychic skills are upgrading?

My evidence for this is a few weeks ago I was staying in a hotel and after a very tiring day doing my best to unwind in a jacuzzi. I was too worn out to even think about anything other than trying to keep awake.  
I then experienced what I have heard others refer to as a 'download'.  

Like everyone, not every relationship in my life is as cordial as I would like it to be and there is one in particular where I despair of how misunderstood I am. Everything I say is taken so personally that I find myself becoming cautious of the words I use around them. 

Over time, I have chosen to limit my communication to the absolute minimum and  keep it as sterile and clear as possible. As a result, things are stilted. I like to be dry and droll sometimes and words are my playthings.
I could never understand why they just did not get me.  

During my jacuzzi time 'download', it felt as if their entire life experiences flashed before my mind like a high-speed movie. Suddenly I understood everything and why they were so overly sensitive to me.  It was because of something they had experienced and how it had coloured their experience of the world. 

It is quite possible that all this has been occurring throughout my and your life without receiving the full acknowledgement for what a gift it is. Now, my already overly sensitive, empathetic nature has had a reboot.
I can see a face and know the life.
I can hear the words and know the truth of that heart. 

And what will I do with it? 
I will bring it further into my work and also somehow help others to cultivate it within themselves. 


Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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