Stop, Collaborate & Listen

Occasionally I feel as if I live in a parallel universe. The people I work with and the way we support and assist each other has become my norm, but not everybody works in this new way.


There are still instances of the old paradigm and occasionally I met those who operate within it. This is the world of hierarchy. Dictatorial 'leadership', bullying and stressful competition.  The belief is that it is a dog eat dog world, a race to secure the limited spoils and exclude anyone else by whatever means. And those means usually are very mean. 

Watching an online episode of 'The Apprentice' highlighted that mindset further. Even though each of those taking part describe themselves as entrepreneurs their talk and protestations felt to me like those of employees clawing for a job not of individuals wanting to develop a business in their own niche.  

I spoke with a lady this week who almost as immediately as she gave me her name told me how competitive she was. The energy she believed she needed to put out into the world was counter to the person I very quickly realised she was.  

Approaching life or business in this way will not bring the results most of us require. Yes, we want to feel that we have achieved success but this does not come from trying to outsmart anything external. 

The person we need to move ahead of is the current version of ourselves always striving to be better than before. Competing with the outside means our focus is diverted and we will not be responding to our needs but reacting to others unpredictable moves.  

As you become better, your confidence in what you bring to the world will set you out as a winner and this will be achieved with ease. Other winners will recognise this and be drawn to you. Instead of then feeling the urge to be ahead of the pack you will all understand that pulling together will elevate us all. 

This is the world that I now work in which is why any other way seems so heavy and old. 

I believe that if we continue this way out ideas and ideals will change the world for the better.  


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading.  

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