Feel Good Friday

I am noticing that I am spending more time observing than speaking and to be honest enjoying life this way. 

I see frantic activity and then a pause and then resume to the rush and mayhem.  

Each interlude is given its own name. Christmas, Valentines, Pancake Day,  Mothers Day and now Easter. 

At each point there is a behaviour to adopt to be in accordance with it and to escape the judgement of others. 

But what do you do if it feels unnatural to you? 

What if, as the observer is appears that everybody is being unquestioningly lead from one thing to another? 

As a creator and writer I want to show my perspective on the world.   

When you truly ask yourself what your personal opinion is on things that you have not considered before or even thought that you had permission to query or that there was a possibility of a different view the answers and insights are astounding. 

For me the sense of discovery never fades and your world changes before your eyes. 

Be aware that this will be a solitary road.  Having an opinion that differs greatly from your old one will not only put you in a new place but will start to affect all around you. 

Your closest relationships will be challenged. Very few people like change and seeing you in an unfamiliar way will most likely upset them. 

Life was easier when you were who you were. They do not want to lose you and often will try to hold you back instead of journeying with you which is what you most would like them to do. 

But everything happens for everyone in its own time. 

This weekend is time for me to catch up with myself and it starts with good food, rest, yoga and creativity. 

Whatever you do with yours, enjoy!


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)