Songs & Sorries

The importance of remaining in the present moment is becoming more understood and adopted. 

Creating  any agreeable  kind of future or indeed being here now cannot be achieved by holding one foot in the past. 

This requires forgiving. 

Forgiving the people, situations and yourself.  

Here is my big lesson for the week just passed because as I reflect at its close I see that it has brought multiple situations to me that I need to address. 

People whose presence in my life I was missing although our previous encounters had been painful to me have reappeared all of the brandishing their own olive branch. 

I am grateful to see them all again because despite the events gone I missed them but I am nervous. 

How long before old behaviours on both our parts surface? 

Am I being foolish? Should I just keep myself safe and protect my heart? 

Do people not deserve a second chance? 


In the midst of all this are the buds of new songs. 

There is so much inspiring me. New perspectives and understandings and IMHO better writing. 

So what do I do with my 'old' songs?  Are they to be banished? 

There is nothing wrong with them and very few people would know how they for into my creative timeline and yet something about  them hold seems dated. 


I often wonder what it would be like to have just one big song people associated with you that you had to play for decades after its initial impact, despite all the subsequent work you had produced. 

I am sure you would be grateful for the opportunity and lifestyle a song like that could give you.

 If you get it right,one song is all you need but can an artist be fairly defined by a definitive work? Or should they be 'forgiven' for their past and freed to be defined anew? 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)