Everyday Best

Do you have a favourite day of the week? Is there one that you dread more than any other?

For the majority of people, judging by the staus updates on social media, Monday gets a really bad rap. 
The start of a new week is greeted with trepidation and disdain pretty much all of the time. The next four days are to be endured and then the weekend comes around again, is over too soon and once again it is Monday.

How long can this outlook be sustained? If out of every 7 days you are given only 2 are enjoyed that would mean that over two thirds of your life is not fun. 

Are you aware of the 80/20 rule and how that relates to your clothes? 
The belief is we usually only wear 20 percent of clothes 80 percent of the time. The majority is for special occasions or situations so specific that other items are impractical to wear frequently.
Again using mathematical thinking the majority of our time is focused away from the best and most pleasurable aspects we could experience.

I remember as a child many relatives and people of my parents generation had a special room in their house that was seldom used. The furniture was covered and nobody, least of all an inquisitive child would be permitted to enter unless there were visitors to the household.
Which happened very rarely.

When did we decide that pleasure, luxury and experience of the best we have should be limited to ocassional moments? 
For many years this thinking made perfect sense to me until I literally did the maths and decided that I needed to make a change.

I do not want to have only 2 days out of every week that I live be satisfactory to me. That is less than 50%!!
There will be enough life events outside of my control to effect my mood but if I have a choice  - and I do - what am I waiting for?

All my clothes are available for me to wear whenever I choose. I own some very beautiful treasured items and again I seem to be waiting for permission to use them.

What are we telling ourselves about what we deserve if most of what we have is preserved for 'best'?
Could we not make everyday the 'best' day in some way?

 Love Yourself!


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