It's YOU Again?!


“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” - C.G. Jung

There is a certain personality type that I meet at least once a year.  Every characteristic that I am working on to eliminate from myself is proudly present in them and so from beginning of our interaction there is complete misunderstanding and tension. 
Now that I have started to recognise recurring patterns in my life I realise that the reason they keep showing up is down to me.  Each time I try to approach this person differently and each time it ends in tears.  
But never mine.
However that does not mean that I get any pleasure from this because I realise until I address something within myself this will always repeat. 

This is week as the archetype appeared in my life again it took every ounce of strength and patience to maintain my poise.  I had to remember who I was and what I was working so hard to become. It would have been so easy to slip back into reaction. 

There is as much frustration as there is freedom when you recognise it. 
Freedom because now you feel a sense of control in your life. You can feel the reigns of your power yet the frustration still lingers because it is obvious some part of the lesson is still unlearned.  

What I could see even clearer this time were areas I needed to contemplate about myself and my past behaviours such as 

  • Victimhood
  • Manipulation
  • Competition
  • Poor self image  
  • Righteousness  

All these methods the person was using pushed every button in me. My morning yoga calm was challenged and I came close to reacting in a way that would have undone years of work.  

I was appalled only by my own shadows. 
The moment that penny dropped I was free and over the consequent days observed this person as they distressed and antagonised others whilst literally avoiding me. Their efforts to do so became comical because of the confined space we were working in.

By the end of our time together I was strangely grateful for meeting them. They showed me how much progress I have made, how much strength I have developed and also how I am able to guide others to find their own peace when another is intent on creating reaction in order to feel alive.  

This has been an interesting week and a deep lesson has been learned by me.  

I am grateful for this person and wish her peace and even more grateful for the yoga mat I ran to that helped me move past it.  


Love Yourself! 


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