Can Art Be Awarded?

Across the world it is award season in the Television, Film and Music industries.

An opportunity for the best in their field to congregate and celebrate their past years achievements.

For the fans/viewers of these shows it is the opportunity to be entertained. Our favourite musicians and actors are looking their best, sounding their best and wearing the best they can borrow.

I always enjoyed watching award shows, particularly the major music award shows.

The fashion lover in me wanted to see the clothes and the aspiring musician in me wanted to be inspired by the performances and buoyed by the winners acceptance speeches. 

Although interest in the shows remain now I only  want to read a quick list of who won and watch a few of he performances on YouTube.

There is a part of me that wonders whether you can say that one thing is the best over all others but the athlete in me remains. I know what it feels like to cross the line first.  

Each year there is fresh controversy particularly over who should have or not have won. While conversations like this are polarising what cannot be denied is the impact that the majority of the winners pieces have made. 

What gets the prize is the usually most the poplar and it could be argued that popularity is never always an indicator of quality but it is of impact and to disrupt is never easy.

We all appreciate rewards it has been ingrained into our behaviour since birth so to receive acknowledgement for our merits at our passions is satisfying at a core level.

Yes we should be happy to do what we do but truthfully it feels even better when peers in our field congratulate us on a job well done. 


Love Yourself!


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