Can I?

As I take myself through my self prescribed changes and witnessing the effects of my choices I am also surprised and delighted at the ease they are being integrated. 

Previously I would have found a justification in some sabotage and then put myself through guilt and punishment because of it. 

What has changed? 

I believe I have entered the tunnel of Constant and Neverending Improvement. CANI. 

Or Can I? 

It is a blissful road of wondering how good things could possibly be and only taking on information to that end. 

I am so grateful to be living in this age where it is possible to find information relevant to the experiences I want and have full guidance of those who have lived it. 

Despite what we are fed to believe, people are inherently good and striving to lift each other upwards.

We are gradually rising because of it. 

The knowledge I resonate with comes from people who care and have bravely and passionately stepped out with their message. 

They are real, sometimes a little rough around the edges but they plough forward refining themselves as they go.  

Launching forward without procrastinating in the pursuit of perfectionism. 

A lesson I still need to learn. 

As I write I am mid way through a 7 day watermelon fast. 

The knowledge of this only came via the people who I look to for inspiration and information about nutrition. 

Watching videos, reading articles and listening to audios relating to their experiences both good and challenging got me intrigued. 

How would I feel? What would the benefits be for me?

I did my research and when I felt ready I started. 

So far it has been ease filled. All the concerns I had I realise were worries for nought. 

I am not bored of the fruit and neither am I hungry. 

Once you really examine the crap you accept and tell yourself you wonder why you believed it for so long. 

Thank you to all the leaders out there prepared to speak out and show a new way of being. 

Hats off to my fellow adventurers as we climb the summit of our fears and dream bigger from our new vistas. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)