Divine Intervention

Yesterday I had a spiritual reading done by Alexis Jones. She was suggested to me by Donna Summer who had found her to be so accurate.

My experience was the same. 

Writing this is not to promote her services although I do. 

This is more about understanding that there is more to life than we get told to believe that really listening and having faith in your inner voice and following all those whisps and whims is the only path to personal fulfillment.

Feelings and emotions, situations and events that I have be wrestling with and to some extent was become paralysed by were addressed. 

Even thoughts that I have had and not yet discussed were mentioned. 

What I came away with was the knowledge and confirmation that you have to do what your heart demands of you in order to live your fullest and happiest life. 

I have added evidence that I am supported in my life and if I step forward in faith and follow my heart. 

My soul wants me to grow. 

The voice inside of me yearns to be heard at its highest expression and not to be edited or sweetened to make it more palatable.

There are ears who will appreciate the candour. 

Not everybody will travel with me for a long not matter how seemingly divine the union. 

When they show who they are I must take notice and decide if I need that energy in my life. 

Often we need to say thankyou and goodbye. 

I would not be taunted with a vision if there were not the means to achieve it and more. 

Dreams are given to drive you. Not to depress you. 

There is nothing on Earth that can stop me or has stopped me, except me.  


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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