Attraction: Reloaded - The Master's Choice

Finally we have it. 

After tweaks, re tweaks and  inspired 'accidents', The Definitive Mastered Version of Attraction: Reloaded is complete. 

The process of mastering is a area of audio alchemy that I am completely unfamiliar about having never sat in on a mastering session. 

Nevertheless being in possession of ears equips me with the necessary apparatus to perceive the magic. 

While the mixing process in the journey of production is about spacial placement the mastering, which is always the final process is the enhancements of it. 

Let me paint a visual example. 

You have just moved into a new home and you have spent a lot time arranging your furniture and accessories. 

Some items are on tables, some displayed in groups, others on the floor and after trying every possibility you can the decision is made to omit certain favourite but unnecessary items. 

What is left is a home which is pleasant, well designed and habitable.  

In this analogy the mastering would be the additional touches and enhancements that mood lighting and fragrance would bring. 

A new dimension and elegance is added. The whole effect is heightened and turns something good into exceptional and able to sit alongside other great homes. 

I want Attraction and Attraction: Reloaded to be able to be played with other tunes without the listener looking at their audio equipment and feeling a loss of dynamics when they start to play. 

Most people are going to be listening to it through headphones and so will recieve it up close and very personal. These tunes need to feel as part of the playlist as anything else before it. 

Once again I tease you. 

I have heard it now in its mastered glory. There is still another journey she must take and I will explain that too. 

One step closer. 

It is worth it. 



Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)