Another Year Over

New Years Eve is always an important day for me.

A chance to reflect, regroup and reset and get ready for the New Year. 

As I prepare for 2014 I am asking myself. 

What did I learn? 

Who am I as a result?

What should I change? 

Who do I want to be? 


I learned patience. 

The plan of action written for 2013 did not really start until after Summer.  As frustrating as the wait was the timing seemed to be right when things started to move. 

I trusted my intuition more and more. 

Hindsight shows me that all those chance meetings, random articles, thoughts, ideas had equipped me with enough basic understanding of marketing, technology and business to feel confident to step out and try something for myself as an artist and a s a human being. 


The usual suspects doubt and fear can be left behind but I know this will be a lifelong chase. As I continue to move forward and upwards out of the shadows one or other will appear disguised as reason, common sense or practicality. These are dream killers. Fast track to ordinary, everyday routine and unsecure 'security'. The polar opposite of my desires. 

Who do I want to be in 2014? 

I want to be my own heroine. She who gets things done. I want to act even quicker, work harder and create more. My craziest whims will be followed. No idea will be discarded.

I will strive to operate at Geniess level.

If there are any big dreamers, nerds, crackpots out there who think they can change the world  I want to meet them. I look forward to being equally flummoxed and inspired by people more informed than myself. 

There will be delays, disappointments, setbacks and surprises and if I am lucky in 365 days I will be looking back on another year.


Until then, 

Happy New Year!!


Love Yourself!


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