Float Like A Butterfly


Life is described in many ways a struggle, a dance, a journey, a bitch. Whichever way you choose to describe it there is no denying the growth that we experience.  

Even those who appear to remain the same experience growth of their fears and growth of stasis. Whatever you focus on will expand. 

More people are realising the power they have over the world they live in. While we may not feel we have any authority over the laws and regulations that govern us our power lies in how we choose to operate within them. 

Often we endure periods in our lives when we feel trapped, misunderstood and constantly beaten by events outside of our control while people around us are oblivious to how desperate we truly feel. Those times in our lives can extend to months and even years when we wonder if we have the strength to continue to be a heart-centred person while others appear to sail worry free through life. Somehow it just does not seem fair. 

But maybe fairness is not the point.

How can we ever know the strength we have until it is relentlessly tested?
Would you really appreciate freedom without first being enslaved?

The old saying is true, God will never give you more than you can handle. Whatever you are going through repeat this and even though the end may not be apparent, it could give you just enough faith to not give up.
And NEVER give up because there will be a time for you and when you survive hardships and your greatest fears nothing can hold you.

Love Yourself!

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