Hold Your Peace

I have often been mistakenly accused as somebody with a moody or aloof demeanour and this used to frustrate and sadden me a lot. 

Now I accept that people will often project their opinions onto you especially if they have neither intention or confidence to approach you and find out exactly who you are.

Granted they could be right but often not. 

We all long to be liked and exalted but that is impossible. If everybody is truly themselves there will be aspects that simply to not resonate with others and on a more extreme level create tensions. 

The work is to decide the best way to react and deal with this. 

My method of trying to maintain a calm centre in the storm has been misunderstood for many years but it has saved my sanity. 

Drama is a creation. A storm in a teacup. Fuss and noise without direction.

Something is happening but nothing is being done. 

Sitting peacefully and observing and listening will allow the solution or the truth if a situation to reveal itself. What may appear to be an uncaring apathetic position is in fact the position of power, clarity and ultimately leadership. If not for many then at the least for yourself and that is where it all begins. 

Self mastery. 

What will transpire over time is that others will see how you move forward and realise that the way of peace is the only way. 



Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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