Hear Here


When you hear the words 'inner voice' what does that mean? Is it something you relate to or rather that you hear other people mention but it seems absurd?

In my own experience, I now see how I have always heard my own inner voice and yet have not trusted it. So now, in the face of overwhelming evidence in support of its ability to know what will best serve me, I have decided to have faith in it. 

This is not easy because the vantage point of this guidance is so much higher than relying on my ground level vision and it will gesture to step in a direction that makes very little sense, has no logic and can seem impractical or even reckless. Then fear and reasoning will rise and quash any thoughts of moving forward. 

Your inner voice is subtle and will communicate to you in many ways. Sometimes it will be an actual voice or it could be pictures, songs, dreams even a short conversation with a stranger. You have to lean in both literally and figuratively to receive the message.  Developing that focus and ear for such gentle guidance takes disciple but it is worth the work. 

Conversely, the sound of the distraction is loud. It would hate to be overlooked and like a petulant child is relentless and impatient where the inner voice waits with confident serenity. 

Trusting my inner voice wholly has not been comfortable because initially,I felt as if I was being asked to turn away from dreams I had chased for so long. Was I now supposed to discard them and move onto the next shiny thing? I was overwhelmed with a sense of sadness and confusion. Now months later the picture is a little clearer I needed to explore, develop and bring forward an additional aspect of myself that my previous blind focus had kept hidden from me. As a result who and what I can be in the world will be a fuller expression. 

Hindsight will always remind you of the moments when you were being shown a new route that eventually made sense.
There will be no greater evidence that you are fully supported. 

Be open and brave enough to trust. Ask yourself, are you really listening or do you get distracted by the noise?  

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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