For My People

This weekend I played a gig at Vegfest London.

The way to booking came about was more accident by design. But then there are no accidents. 

Vegfest is an event that I had not heard of until I saw reference to it on Facebook.

Having decided to embrace the Raw Vegan lifestyle this year I am always looking for information and advice, anything that will make my transition smoother. 

For me once I understand the Why the rest is easy, no willpower or discipline involved. 

Once I visited the website I saw that they were looking for performers an contacted the organisers to see if I could get myself on the bill. 

And that was all there was to it. 

As I look around for more places to perform I am also going to approach the endeavour with a sideways slant. 

In addition to finding spots where people would go for music specifically I will also incorporate my interests and belief into the search and look at events that cater to those with similar philosophies to mine. 

As well as another performance completed I picked up some tasty vegan goodies, saw some friends and learned a few more tips that will help me as I move forward. 

Thanks to the guys for having me!


Love Yourself!


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