Attraction - Writing The Song

How long does it take to write a  song? 

How long is a piece of string?

Over the years I have written many songs but none have appeared on the page as easily as Attraction.

Most have needed and benefited from a revisit and a odd tweak or in some in the cold light of day have been consigned to the vaults as an exercise in what not to do.

Out of all the aspects of being a musician, creation is the most thrilling and exciting part for me. Even now I still find it amazing that a whisp of an idea floating around in my head, often during the most ordinary moments of life, can then be shared and experienced by others.

I have boxes of notebooks, bus tickets, napkins and Dictaphone recordings that show the birth of new songs. Looking back through these is as much a trip down memory lane as flicking through the family album. There are songs I have been promising to revisit but a new idea will always supersede an old one so some may never ever get recorded. 

I also seem to write in bursts with 2 or 3 songs being developed at a time with at least half making it to the complete line. 

Attraction came at such a time. I was recording a lot of new music at and as a result my writing was increasing, filling in the vacuum but there was still the process of have an idea and then re write, hone etc.

This one, however was different. 

I wrote in an earlier post, The Inconvenience Of Inspiration, about having lost an idea to the ether simply because I was too idle to get out of bed and how I now sleep with a note book near to me. 

Just as well because Friday 7th October 2011 I had an idea and it was Attraction. The only line I had in mind before this was  'needle to a magnet'  that I had mumbled into my phone the a couple of days before. In my mostly asleep state I thought about what I could do with that line and also what had been happening in my life at that time.

Like an increasing amount of people I had become interested in the Law Of Attraction and had started to really examine my life and my actions to date.

Was I was really in control of all aspects of my life?

Good and bad? 

The more I thought about it, it was obvious how I had sabotaged events in my life previously and there was an element of that happening now. All the music I was recording was sounding better than ever so the excuses I could hide behind before were gone and going. 

The song took 10 minutes to write with only a couple of word changes and considering it has already taken a journey. 

Over the coming weeks I will tell all about the song that will become my first release as an independent artist.

Until the next post...


Love yourself!


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