Attraction - The Calling Card

In the Official video for Attraction on the top of the piano to the left is a small wooden frame. 

Within the frame is a red card, the same size as a business card, itself mounted on red shiny paper. 

It is there for a very important reason. 

Shortly after writing the song I was able to record a demo version. This was a relief because it took it out of my head as I find keeping an idea inside tiring.

It feels like carrying a physical weight that increases as additional inspiration comes and because I never want to discard anything until it has been tried and tested the pressure grows until it is realised in an external form and can be experienced by others. 

Around this time I noticed a the aforementioned card at the front of my home and normally because of its significance I would have picked it up but it was now Autumn,  dull, dark and wet and so was the card. I had no intention of getting my fingers dirty. 

However, this card had other plans. It wanted to be noticed and was relentless in its efforts to make sure that I did just that and so the dance began. 

Some days it would be close to the door , other times it would languish by the gate. I found it amusing to see it persistently hanging around still my mind was made up. 

I was not touching it. 

Finally, one day the card presented itself to me on top of the wall!  No more ignoring now.

For some reason I needed to take possession of the thing. 

So making as minimum contact as possible, I picked it up by the corner, pinching the edges of the fingernails of my thumb and index finger together and carried it at arms length inside where I laid it on top of one of my keyboard monitors to dry. 

Why should one small piece of paper hold such significance to me? 

Written across the card was one word. 



Love Yourself! 


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