Attraction: Reloaded - God Walks In

Before you recoil from this blog because of the title, hear me out. 

I always find it interesting that a small word can cause such big reactions in people. Feelings of unease, offence, defence and incredulity. 

What I am referring to is a quote by the man who I consider the greatest and most deserving of the title Producer. 

Technology has brought music making to the masses and this is a great advancement. For years it has been exorbitant so subsequently prohibiting for a majority to get started on their recordings. 

However tools can only bring forth masterpieces when in the hands of the masters. 

Quincy Jones is one of them.

He has produced works from all genres of music including Jazz, Soul and Pop as well as iconic movie soundtracks. 

Born at the right time he was able to grow up during the emergence of the Jazz scene and work with the greatest artist of the scene. He was also conservatoire educated. 

This man knows music. 

Many of my favourite artists have worked with Quincy Jones. Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, George Benson, Aretha Franklin and of course Michael Jackson. 

His production team includes genius songwriters Siedah Garrent and Rod Temperton and sound engineer Bruce Swedien. 

These names are the classic names is music. He is still going working with current superstars and nurturing the next generation of music mavericks. 

Needless to say when somebody has that achievement when they speak it makes since to listen. 

His quote was along the lines of "You've got to leave space for God to walk through the room." 

This week while finishing off Attraction: Reloaded Nina, Tobi and I felt that we had such a moment. By 'accident' when working on one area a new idea for the final choruses of the song emerged. There is now an additional nuance that was unplanned and yet fits in perfectly. 

Situations like this cannot be orchestrated. When you go into the studio it makes financial sense at least to have an idea of what you are hoping to achieve but you have to be open and accepting that a rigid approach is not conducive to creativity and inspiration. 

So the remix is nearing completion and Attraction will soon have a sibling to work with. 

As with the production I will be following my strategy for bring inch them to the world but leaving space for miracles to manifest. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)