The Teacher Appears

Not so long ago the population in the developed world lived their lives unattached to access to the abundance of information we now take for granted. 

Getting answers to questions meant asking a trusted mind or a trip to the library and then ransacking the extensive paper and microfilm referencing system. 

No search engines yet and no online reviews. 

The other way was intuition. Wondering how something was done or could be fixed or resolved and then trusting that the answer would appear. 

If I look at my own experiences it always did. In overheard conversation the snippet would also be relevant to me and serve my needs. 

The lyrics to a song would play on the radio or in my mind and give guidance there. 

Often I would dream the solution, this happened to me as a little girl who wanted to know how to skip.  I saw and felt myself skipping. It was easy and I was confident that I had it. When I woke I knew what to do without hesitation.  

Somehow,  for some years I lost trust in the fact that I had the access to answers as long as I asked the question and allowed answers to present themselves to me. Often in really fun ways.

The situation has changed now. If I think I recognise a sign I thankfully follow it. 

The result of this is knowing that you are never alone or as lost as you think you are. 

Even a perceived wrong turn will offer something new. 

There have been Big Questions on my mind recently. 

Career moves. 


Life and how to fully live it. 

All of these are starting to be answered. I have been led to new books, teachers, modalities and options. 

I am learning and applying different things into my life.

It is like a rebirth. Very exciting. 

I will be sharing what is happening once I feel I have understood and can present some results. 

In the meantime...


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)